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MelCosPho 13

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February 28th, 2013 Posted 12:14 am

On the 13th of January of 2013, I attended the 13th edition of the MelCosPho meet ups. It was in the Treasury Gardens, Melbourne. The weather was overcast and a little chilly for summer but the clouds made for nice photography lighting.

I went at Ayumu Aikawa (magiclad version) from Kore Wa Zombie Desu Ka? (Is This A Zombie?). My boyfriend Ethan went as Takashi from Highschool Of The Dead.


So I was a zombie and Ethan was a character that kills zombies, I thought that was funny and asked Neil to take this shot for us!

Ok now for the serious shots!

creek-130113-060-X2 creek-130113-061-X2

Photo credits : Neil Creek





Photo credits : Than Nguyen




I didn’t take a whole lot of photos myself but I’m trying to aim for quality over quantity these days.  I was busy enjoying time with friends, posing for photos or assisting other photographers with their photos.

My cosplay was mostly purchased but I made the hat and painted up the chainsaw from a kids toy. The shoes are from Bodyline. I also was Ayumu to a New Years Eve party the week before, which had an “End of Days / Zombie Apolocalypse” theme, so I got good use out of it! It is most hilarious to tell people that you are cosplaying a boy while wearing a pretty pink dress!

My full gallery is here ~


MelCosPho10 – Sayaka Miki Cosplay

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November 24th, 2012 Posted 10:08 am

My cosplay of Sayaka Miki from Puella Magi Madoka Magica was bought for me by work to wear to conventions.  I also wore it to MelCosPho 10 and my photographer friends got some lovely shots of it. It was a really great summer day and I made new friends. Cosplay in general has been such an amazing experience for me, giving me a place to explore photography, get creative with costumes and meet lots of new people.

MCPX_Madoka_Sayaka_Darkness Beyond That Door by =infiniteFinality on deviantART

MCPX_Madoka_Sayaka II by =infiniteFinality on deviantART

MCPX_Madoka_Sayaka by =infiniteFinality on deviantART

MCPX_Madoka_Sayaka IV by =infiniteFinality on deviantART

MelCosPho 10 – Sayaka Miki by *Darkmessiah24 on deviantART

Sayaka Miki – MelCosPho10 by ~unikorn on deviantART

Here is my gallery of photos from the meet –

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