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Code Geass Meet #3

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January 23rd, 2013 Posted 3:55 am

I hosted my 3rd Code Geass meet on saturday the 20th of October and had quite a good turn out! These events are really growing!


There are also awesome photos taken by friends that you might want to check out!

Neil Creek :
Dean Ismail:
Trung Do:

My most favourite picture from the day, was the last one we did and was taken by Neil! It features, me as Emperor Lelouch and Ethan as Zero.
Neil also chose this shot to be in his top 10 for 2012 photos. It feels good to be a part of things like this!


Code Geass Meet #2

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November 22nd, 2012 Posted 2:17 pm

As the first meet was a success, I decided to keep hosting Code Geass cosplay events! So on March 11th, 2012 I had the “Black Knights” gather at the Melbourne Museum for another afternoon of food, friends and photography.

I cosplayed as “Luluko”, which is Lelouch’s crossdressing festival outfit from one of the picture drama episodes of Code Geass that come as bonus material on the DVD’s  and Blurays.

My Photos:
Neils Photos:
Jess’ Photos:

I may have been somewhat enchanted by a boy named Ethan cosplaying as Zero. We all had fun making Lelouch selfcest jokes.

Zero x Luluko

I very much loved dressing like a ‘princess’. I bought this particular cosplay and while it wasn’t super accurate it’s still quite lovely. I did my very best to try and be ladylike for at least one day!

Princess Lelouch and Princess Euphemia

There are heaps of beautiful photos from this day! Be sure to check them all out!