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Botanicon – “We swear it’s still 2013!”

It has been a while since I attended a cosplay meet and I’d had a Highschool of the Dead cosplay for months that I hadn’t had the chance to wear! On the 25th of January 2014 was Botanicon. With a bit of last minute destroying of a black skirt and cutting a fringe into an old wig, I was good to go. Now me and Ethan both have HOTD cosplays! It was more of a casual picnic meet than a photoshoot and despite taking my camera I didn’t really get any decent shots. It was also quite sunny and I got sunburt through the lace socks, which left a weird pattern on my leg. It’s still there now a month later!

Highschool of the Dead Cosplay
Ethan as Takashi.
Jodie as Saeko.
Photos by Matt Murphy.

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