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Figurine Photography

I’ve been enjoying quite a bit of figurine photography lately! I’ve begun to explore the potential of outdoors and some new techniques.

kaworu-1052  kaworu-1035

The Kaworu 1/6 scale figure by Kotobukiya is quite heavenly! These pictures were taken at home on the steps to the back yard. I modified the color balance to give more of a warm glow. I wanted a summer lighting look but was actually waiting for an overcast day to take the photos so the lighting/shadows would not be too harsh.

Competition-1274  Competition-1283-fixed-small

I just got the Yukata Miku and her outfit has spent more time with Kaito! I met up with Trung, a photographer friend, in Melbourne yesterday to take these new photos. We both planned on entering a competition with the theme of toys. It was good to do this in the city but have a friend there so you don’t feel so weird. So we sat under a bridge to escape some of the summer heat and did our own thing with our chosen figures. There two other figures that I took photos of but the Kaito ones are the most charming.

rin-okumura-0972  rin-okumura-0978


Another of my new figures! Rin Okumura by Megahouse GEM. I experimented with lighting and using the tv as a fake background. You’ve got to be careful that lights don’t bounce off the tv and make reflections on the photographic background. Matching the lighting and the angles in the chosen photo and placing your figure can be tricky but the results are great! Especially if you don’t have access to the locations you’d like to photograph your figure with.

You can see all my figure photos here in my smugmug gallery ~

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