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MelCosPho10 – Sayaka Miki Cosplay

My cosplay of Sayaka Miki from Puella Magi Madoka Magica was bought for me by work to wear to conventions.  I also wore it to MelCosPho 10 and my photographer friends got some lovely shots of it. It was a really great summer day and I made new friends. Cosplay in general has been such an amazing experience for me, giving me a place to explore photography, get creative with costumes and meet lots of new people.

MCPX_Madoka_Sayaka_Darkness Beyond That Door by =infiniteFinality on deviantART

MCPX_Madoka_Sayaka II by =infiniteFinality on deviantART

MCPX_Madoka_Sayaka by =infiniteFinality on deviantART

MCPX_Madoka_Sayaka IV by =infiniteFinality on deviantART

MelCosPho 10 – Sayaka Miki by *Darkmessiah24 on deviantART

Sayaka Miki – MelCosPho10 by ~unikorn on deviantART

Here is my gallery of photos from the meet –

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