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Photography props that won’t break your budget!

Madoka in basket

I’ve been collecting various little props to use in figurine photography. Cheap gift/homewares stores like Daiso and The Reject Shop are perfect. Anything interesting looking that you can place your figures on or inside of are great! I got the cute little basket above for only $2.20 from Tokuya, a small store on Bourke Street in Melbourne.

On the other hand, Photography gear itself is expensive and while I do recommend you get a flash unit for your DSLR rather than rely on the mounted flash, you can also create lighting effects on a budget with regular lamps, torches, small LED’s and cellophane.

Lelouch stained red

Cellophane can be taped over a lamp to create colored lighting! Safety first though! Be careful your lamp doesn’t run too hot, it could melt the cellophane, so make sure to turn off the light when you aren’t using it between shoots.


One of my favourite things I picked up was this ring of LED’s that is meant to be a camping light. It’s like a ghetto ring flash, although it doesn’t fit around my lens in the fashion that a real one does. But it does create some really good even lighting that’s perfect for small scale things like figurines.

Kaworu moonlighting

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